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Tsjerk 328 (Archived)


Tsjerk is a splendidly conformed stallion with a lot of charisma. His honest character and luxurious movent are passed on to his offspring. Tsjerk has gained only first premiums in competition and in testing he has always competed for the championship. His sire is the preferent stallion, Feitse, and his mother, Wijkje is a model, preferent and performance mare. Tsjerk is from family number 38. Many of Tsjerk's foals have made first premiums and championships. His adult horses speak for themselves: 50% ASTRE mares, four model mares and one approved son. The dam of Tsjerk is the well-known mare Wijkje, model, preferent. This mare line is very prolific and accomplished. Wijkje is the dam of the stallion, Djurre, and has brought forth several ASTRE mares, including model mares Jelkje and Metsje. They have won a lot of championships for their breeders. Each year Tsjerk offspring win many championships and testings. Good Tsjerk offspring include, Grytsje, youth champion of the central testing of 1996, Synaeda, 1999 reserve champion of the central testing, and in 2002, she became model. Other top horses include, Jelte, Rymkje and Reina. Tsjerk has many first premium foals, ASTRE mares and model mares.

Feitse, pref. Jochem Mark, pref.
Ottsje, ster, pref.
Lysebet, ster, pref. Bjinse
Ankje, model, pref.
Wijkje, model, prf, pref. Nanne Bouke, pref.
Hartsje, ster
Wietsche, ster, pref. Hyike
1990 black 15.3-3/4-hand Friesian 

Approved for: Friesian

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 

tsjerk tsjerk