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EARLY BIRD SALE! Deadline to order January 20,2023. Discount pending.

Semen is stored free through July 31st of the year purchased. Please make arrangements to ship your semen by then. We no longer offer long term storage.  



The Shopping Cart is temporarily disabled

·       For sales with a closing date, like the Early Bird Sale, the cart works from when the sale opens through the closing date of the sale

·       Discounts that apply to a sale are entered by using a coupon code

·       After a sale closes, pre-orders are no longer possible, and the shopping cart no longer works, except for in-stock semen

·       You can find sale dates on our website by clicking the OFFERS or ORDERS dropdowns, which include specials, discounts and deadlines

·       You can always call us with your order if you prefer not to use the cart

New clients take $50 off your first order!