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Feedback from SES Clients

From KC Branscomb
Just wanted to let you know the semen arrived safely and was transferred to our main storage tank for safe keeping.  I want to particularly thank you Annie for labeling the canes with the stallions names and putting the single doses in the top sleeve to make access in the middle of the night simple and quick.  You clearly are a professional at this.  I can’t tell you what weird unlabelled, loose (no cotton packing) straws I have received and wondered what the person loading the tank was smoking that day or if they even knew what they were doing.  I’ve had semen arrive hot in a box intended for chilled – crazy stuff.  So just a nice change to have a quick, professionally packed shipment. I’ve attached the pick up order for tomorrow morning. You should have your tank back shortly.

From Lucinda Striker
I just have to give a shout out to Carol Austin at Superior Equine Sires. When FedEx royally screwed up, she and Annie bent over backwards to make things right. Really fabulous customer service. 

From Suzanne Hickman-Smith
. . .  there was a slight mishap with a straw of frozen, and the customer service was second to none. Lovely people with a fantastic customer centric approach to the business. Big thumbs up from me. 

From Ginger Mack
Me too!

From Laura Speer
I had a great experience purchasing semen from SES, too! Highly recommend them!

From Jan Graham Marquardt
. . . they work for their mare owners. 

From Julie Smith
Thank you Annie. I chose to work with your business because of the assistance I got initially in phone conversation with Carol, who spent time informing me about her thoughts on different stallions who would be well suited to cross with my mare. Then further, you have been very professional and helpful in setting up my purchase. I appreciate also the prompt receipt and tracking information. I am hopeful for a successful conception and embryo transfer at which time I will be ordering Vitalis semen. I look forward to further business with you.

From Sarah Faulkner
Happy to order from you again this year. You have a wonderful selection again!! Thank you so much for your services.

From Nicole Dean
"Merry Christmas Carol and Annie! Two of the nicest and definitely best semen brokers around!!!!"

From Michelle Roberts
"I just wanted to let you know that we inseminated our 16 year old mare Wrave with Furstenball a few days ago. She is a bit of a 'tough sell' with fresh extenders so I was a little leary to try frozen, but she produces amazing foals so I had to have a go at it. We took your advice and went with Furstenball for his mind and semen quality as well as his physically characteristics. When we thawed out the sperm all our vet could say was 'WOW.' It looked marvelous! I know that's not the whole picure, but I wanted to thank you again for steering us in the right direction and giving us the best possible chance at a pregnancy."

FromFrom Sherry Smith
"We bought our semen from Carol Austin, She is VERY knowledgeable and easy to talk to....she has great connections in Germany goes the extra mile for her clients and she is one you can trust implicitly when you are making such an investment."

From Darla Mitchell
"Thank you very much for a stress free, first time frozen semen buying experience. You were wonderful to deal with, and if I find another stallion to breed to my mares, I will look you up."

From Maggi Clarke
"FYI best part of my facebook is your input with stallion videos. Makes my day!"

From Deb MacMillan
"It is always my pleasure talking to you and absorbing more information from your vast knowledge of stallions and mares (nicks) ! (yes, you can quote me )!"

From Vic and Janine Jaro
"We are so grateful to Superior Equine Sires! What a wonderful, successful (!!) service they provide."

From Maggie Fullington                                                                                                                                                        
"I would like to suggest talking to Carol Austin of Superior Equine Sires.  Much more knowledgable than anyone else selling frozen semen in the US.  This is from personal experience not heresay".

From Shari Glickman
"I have the highest regard for Carol Austin! She is incredibly honest about the stallions she represents and goes the extra mile for breeders in terms of providing a database of frozen semen conception statistics, free sales ads, expert advice, and quick shipping. I have so much confidence when working with Superior Equine Sires that my mares will have the best chance of getting in foal because I have all of the information upfront. Carol is so pleasant and professional and her prices are competitive, too. Shari Glickman, GoodNess Ridge Farm, Mount Airy, MD"

From Michelle Roberts
"I've told everyone I could about the database and encouraged them to not only speak with you if they 'semen shopping' but to take advantage of the info and add to it.  The Conception database is genius and has been SO helpful already.  I hope more people add their stats."

From Marcia Boeing
"A true pleasure doing business with you!"

From Samantha Kidd
"I greatly appreciate you answering all my questions.  I know there were a lot of them.  My farm will be putting in a pretty significant order this year, as I prefer to use you over anyone else in North America due to your great customer service!"

From Deb MacMillan
"Thank you for your promptness and professionalism in responding to all of my inquiries. it makes a great deal of difference when the service is excellent!"

From Angela Kostiuk
"Thanks so much Carol! You are always so amazing with your customer service!"

From Mariel Barna
" I just wanted to say thank you, you were so easy and so professional to work with to get the semen and as a first time buyer and breeder it really helped me."

From Terry Smith
"I have yet to buy frozen from Carol that doesn't work well. I think over the last nine years or so (maybe longer) I have had two doses that did not result in a pregnancy. The only place I would purchase frozen semen from now is Carol. I find she will tell you accurately on the semen conception rates. You can trust that your semen will be there when you need it, not spend thousands in breeding fees only to find out too late there was no semen shipped to breed the mare in time! I have purchased a lot of frozen over the last ten years and so far Carol seems to be the only trustworthy source. I have only tried four so there may be others but after my experiences elsewhere I wouldn't bother trying them."

From K.C. Branscomb
"I just wanted to let you know that I read your email on the stallion promotion. So I just went on-line and put up one of my stallions (Chicardo). It took me less than 15 minutes. Went flawlessly! I could not be more thrilled with the presentation and the system you have created. Really an excellent idea of a promotion in a difficult financial time for breeders. I would be more than pleased to pay the full fare next year if I get even one good breeding from this ad! Thanks again for setting this up and trying the experiment. We need more people like you in the business!!!!"

From Meredith Michelfelder
"First of all, I wanted to thank you again for that wonderful donation[to AHS], as it is such a wonderful opportunity for smaller breeders like myself to get semen from such a talented stallion, but also the fact it is frozen makes it more versatile and 'there' when you need it. I'm very excited about using the Rotspon semen this coming spring, and had it not been for your donation being at the auction to bid on, I may not have ventured toward a stallion with frozen semen, as it is was unknown territory for me, so I know to talk to you at SBS for further frozen semen needs and stallions. It is also WONDERFUL advertising for you, and yet another avenue to open the potential of future business."

From Judy Hedreen
"I have used Carol many times over the years. The quality of the semen is good (if it's frozen correctly by the veterinarian) and has always arrived in time. One time we did receive very poor quality semen from a well known stallion in Europe. Carol went to bat for me with the stallion station and they replaced the semen."

From Kate Palmquist
"I've dealt with several frozen semen importers, and I'm so glad I found Superior Equine Sires. Carol Austin possesses the attention to detail and professionalism that everyone in business should emulate. She has been helpful, prompt, and reliable. On my last order, she quickly picked up on an error in my request, and contacted me to confirm my intent. All my correspondence with her has been lightning-fast, and she truly gets excited with you when you report a birth or pregnancy. I confidently recommend Superior Equine Sires!"

From Terry Carlone
"Thank you for all your help and advice with regard to our attempt to breed a Totilas baby with our mare Donna. Thanks also for sending information to Dr. Scott. You have been very helpful, and we appreciate your time and advice."

From Ashley Gagnon
"Very professional, great feedback on semen quality! Great service!!!"

From Wendy Massa
"I used you a few years back then took a break from breeding for 5 years. Just started a new breeding program and plan on using frozen this coming season. I use your website at least weekly to research stallions. Great site! Thank you my past experience was great!"

From Patricia Lockman
"Carol has been awesome, so helpful in answering my questions, and the stallion selections are very good. I would like to use your services again."

From Charmaine Bergman
"Carol, you are one of the best! We all speak positively about all we learn from you, your site, and those who have bought from you always speak highly of the service. Keep it going forward."

From Jennifer Stephenson
"Carol is fantastic--great reasource and happy with the shipment to Canada."

From Jan Graham-Marquardt
"We have always gotten prompt service, regular updates and great customer service. Have been a loyal customer for over 5 years ... and back again this year!"

From Stephanie Wendorf
". . . the site is great, selection is great and service has been great so far!"

From Kendra Hansis
"I must say that the only people who had positive things to say on the forum said they had gotten the Brentano II semen from you."

From Kathleen Kirsan
"I was pleased to see your e-magazine is your own product. It is very nice and I am happy to read it. Congratulations on a great job."

From Jennifer J. Vanover
"What a great newsletter! Keep them coming!"

From Francis Berger
"Hello! just to let you know, we did inseminate a mare with Baloubet du Rouet last week!! The quality of the semen was some of the best we have seen in frozen semen. Thanks again , I will let you know in 2 weeks."

From Gretchen Sidorav
"Thanks for this issue of Sport Horse Breeding News. This is great that you have established this publication. I hope to see this grow with the improvement in breeding and mare quality in the USA!"

From Jean-Pierre Brodeur
"We have received the confirmation our mare is pregnant, and with only one dose. We are really happy, a foal by Weltmeyer is a dream come true!"

From Mary Garfield
"I am so grateful that you have that information--I have been getting the run-around for months! And you can resolve it like magic !! . . . this is the kind of help and support a breeder needs from an agent, not someone who forgets you as soon as they have your money."

From Patrick Jaworski and Christina Trettel
"Your service is irreplaceable in the U.S. Not to mention the greatest collection of frozen semen ever compiled."

From Cathy Kubacek "[We had]100% [conception], five of five that were bred with your frozen semen and all bred once, some with full doses and some bred with 1/2 doses. Thank you for your help and quality semen. I forgot to tell you the Rotspon semen when compared to the cooled semen was better, wonderful semen."

From Anna Meidinger "You have the absolute best rates. I checked in with a couple of other importers and there is no comparison!"

From John Harris, DVM
"I inseminated a mare using one dose of Superior Equine Sires' semen and the mare conceived triplets on her first cycle! We were able to successfully pinch off two of the embryos. In my seven years of using frozen semen, I have not had frozen semen of good enough quality to achieve three pregnancies on one cycle."

From Elly Kelly, DVM
"I bought semen from you and two of your competitors. The Superior Equine Sires' semen was of better quality and was the only semen that settled my mares. Plus, your prices were by far more reasonable."

From William Tsokanos
"You guys have such a great attitude. It's fun dealing with you! This is going to be fun."

From Gayle Atkins
"Thank you again for the prompt, informative reply. You deserve the high praise you got from your customers in the [testimonials] section of your web site."

From Valerie Hadley "I have found dealing with Superior smooth, effortless, efficient, and excellent value. Next year I will be buying ALL my semen from you-- your service is superb.

From Susan Blake
"I appreciate you answering my questions. I've emailed other people and they are strictly business and very un-friendly! Your emails are much warmer!"

From Terry Walker
"Thank you so much for your follow-up e-mail. Nice to know that you are diligent in your efforts to work with your clients. I wish more people would be that concerned, even when things don't happen to work out. I would recommend your services and will look to you next spring for breeding."

From John L.
"I found your site yesterday and I must admit you have one of the most thorough, well organized sights online. I have never had the confidence to seriously consider frozen before but the professionalism I see exhibited on your sight is reassuring."