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Silvercup (Archived)


The elegant Silvercup (in Canada he is named "Simply SM") is standing at the Canadian Spruce Meadows stud. He is for the true jumping breeder. Silvercup was placed 4th overall in the 100 day test in Germany in 1999 with a score of 119.33 in dressage and 131.39 in jumping. He began competing successfully in 2000, winning the four and five year old jumper division at Spruce Meadows. His first foals were born in 2001.

Silvio I Sandro Sacramento Song xx
Gelbkatze Gepard
Conney Calypso II Cor de la Bryere
Lyon Lindberg

1996 brown 16.3-hand Hanoverian

Approved for: Hanoverian

Stallion Performance Test 1999, Adelheidsdorf  

Overall score: 4th place; 

Dressage score 119,33

Jumping score 131,39