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San Brasil (Archived)

san brasil

San Brasil is a big-shaped stallion of great nobility, excellent conformation, and good riding horse points. These qualities, along with nearly unlimited show jumping abilities are the remarkable features of this athletic stallion. During stallion licensing in 1999 San Brasil was awarded "best show jumping stallion." He confirmed this award and corresponding expectations in his performance test. Combined with very good mental qualities and ridablilty, this led towards a second place in this special discipline. San Brasil is a product of the Hanoverian breeding program for show jumpers (PHS). 

Sao Paulo Sandro Sacramento Song xx 
Gipsy Gepard
SPS Anabell Argentinus Argentan
SPS Dorle
Betsey Bariton

1997 bay 16.2-1/2-hand Hanoverian

Approved for: Hanoverian

Stallion Performance Test 2000, Adelheidsdorf:  

Overall score 130.41 / 3rd.of 41 

Dressage score 120.12 / 8th 

Jumping score 137.91 / 2nd

san brasil  
san brasil