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Rhodium (Archived)


Rhodium descends from a family rich in dressage blood, as well as jumping ability.  His mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all earned very high jumping marks on their mare tests. Rhodium is a very well developed and extremely harmonious stallion that stands in a perfect rectangle. At his performance test the judges made the following comments: “Rhodium is a very well-modeled stallion that has a good forehand and strong upperline.  His legs have lots of quality. His pace as well as his trot has natural wide space. Rhodium trots with lots of imprint and tact.  When galloping we see the same good results as when trotting.  The natural ability of Rhodium to become an excellent dressage horse is enormous.”  He received 7 for walk, 8 for trot and 9 for canter and was judged sufficient over fences.  Rhodium’s sire Olympic Ferro was the catalyst for the Netherland’s team silver Olympic win.  Rhodium’s grand sire Le Mexico comes from some of the oldest and most successful jumping and performance bloodlines and traces back to Furioso. Rhodium is already proving himself and his offspring are carrying on his tradition. A few of Rhodium’s performance highlights are listed below:

Olympic Ferro STB keur Ulft STB keur Le Mexico STB-H keur pref
Pia keur pref
Brenda  STB ster pref pres Farn NWO-H pref
Upianne keur pref
Larcona STB keur G. Ramiro Z STB pref  B. Raimond 
Harcona STB ster Voltaire STB-H pref
Barcona STB

1998 dark brown 17.0-1/2-hand Dutch

Approved for: Dutch        

Stallion Performance Test 2001

Overall score

Dressage score 150.01

Jumping score