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Rhinstroem's Mighty Man

Mighty Man

This is the unique opportunity to breed to a renowned Connemara Sportpony stallion of danish heritage. This Connemara stallion's semen is collected and stored at the well recommended States Stud Adelheidsdorf/Celle. They set the highest standards for quality and the semen is additionally certified by the Hanoverian Medical University. Might Man's breeders are known worldwide for their performance bred Sportponies world-wide.

Oexenholm Rory Ruadh Finney Master
Fort Irene
Lambay Marie Murrisk
Tulira Mairin Ruadh
Kirstinelunds Juicy Maigaardens Killian Padraig of Rosenaharley
Holens Bess
Pilgaards Camilla Padraig of Rosenharley
Kaervangs Candie

2004 Grey 14.2-hand Connemara

Approved for: Hanoverian Sport Pony, Lower-Saxony, Sportpony registry

Mighty Man Mighy Man