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Rheinklang (Archived)


Rheinklang has an attractive pedigree with the combination of the Dutch Trakehner Grand Prix dressage stallions Gribaldi and Partout.  He himself has developed in recent years more and more to become a top sire and his offspring have been quite successful in sport.  So far, over 18 of Rheinklang's daughters have been registered, of which 13 became gained premium status in the top group and with high scores.  With the price peak of the 2015 foal auction, his son Zauberreign became the reserve winner of the 2016 licensing.

Rheinklang's progeny performance is also reflected in his breeding values. For example, Rheinklang placed first in the breeding value estimation of the exterior, published in the 2016 HVP of the Trakehner Verband, and thus leads the ranking of Trakehner sires with a total breeding value of 137. The peculiarity in all criteria to have a breeding value of> 120, describes its complete heredity at a high level. Furthermore, he is the only sire who has breeding values ​​of> 130 in all three basic gaits (step 132, trot 152, gallop 141). 

Sire Gribaldi was Champion stallion and the price highlight of the Trakehner Stallion Licensing in 1995.  From then on Gribaldi set a European-wide triumphal procession. Under his permanent rider, Edward Gal, he was first vice-champion in the Pavo Cup, the Dutch equivalent of the German Bundes-championat, and later successful in international dressage. Especially as a sire he took influence and presented such top horses as Unee (Jessica Werndl), Girasol (Nadine Capellmann), Peter Pan Beatriz Ferrer Salad), Zardin Firfod (Patrick Kittel), Painted Black (Anky van Grunsven), Sisther de Jeu ( Edward Gal), Pasternak Coby van Baalen) and world record holder Totilas (Edward Gal / Matthias Rath).

Stallion Details

16.3-1/4 hands
Approved For
Trakehner, Rheinlander, Oldenburg, Westphalian, German Sport Horse, southern Germany breeding associations, further upon request
WFFS Status: tested non-carrier (N/N)

Rheinklang : PEDIGREE

Gribaldi Kostolany Enrico Caruso
Cape Town
Gondola II Ibikus
Gloria VI
Rheinnau TCN Partout Arogno
Rheinnau Partout

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