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Pattys Veuve Cosmic (Archived)


One of most well known Connemara ponies, from the same farm as Mighty Man, Pattys Veuve Cosmic is perfect for sport pony competitions and shows. Pattys Veuve Cosmic is out of swedish Blue Bell by Rolls Royce, who is one of the most successful stallions in Sweden.

Pattys Veuve Clicquot Pattys Silverdun Velvet Bengt
Petty of Dune
Pilgaards Vogue Maigaardens Killian
Kaervangs Candie
Jacobsdal Blue Bell Rolls Royce Rory Ruadh
Brantshammar Julie
Legends Alva Hagens o' Chief
Legends Belle

2004 Buckskin 14.2-hand Connemara

Approved for: Lower-Saxony, Ponyzuchtverband Hannover, Zuchtverband Hannover