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Onne 376 (Archived)


Onne 376 has made a name in both sport and breeding. He was the winning competition harness horse of Friesian blood in 2003, Dutch champion breeding harness stallion of Friesian blood, 2004 and 2005, Dutch champion class of honour harness horse of Friesian blood, 2005, Dutch champion four-up harness horses of Friesian blood, 2005 and Dutch champion klavertje three-up harness horse of Friesian blood, 2005. Onne 376 is the sire of many breeding day championships and delivered a record number of star mares, 42 of which achieved 13 first premiums. His son Jerke 434 became performance champion. In 2007 Onne 376 himself became Champion of H.K. te Leeuwarden.
Onne 376 sires horses with a lot of blood and size and front which also can move very good. Onne 376 is permanently approved on his progeny. Onne 376 has scored first premium for six years. His most well known offspring of 2006 are: Martsje D (Onne x Nykle) Youth champion and general breeding day champion, Blauwhuis--reserve champion youth champion CK, Gonda FF (Onne x Feitse), 2005 breeding day champion, Blauwhuis, and general champion CK, 2006 reserve champion Blauwhuis, Gouddame fan Bommelstein (Onne x Feitse), 2006 breeding day champion Drachten.

Leffert 306, pref Tamme Jochem
Lawine, ster
Bontsje, ster, pref Oepke
Enka, ster, pref
Ytsje, ster, pref Hearke, pref Mark, pref
Gelbrich, model, pref
Korrie, ster, pref Wessel

---- black -hand Friesian

Approved for: 

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score