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Lanthan (Archived)


For a very long time Hanoverian breeders have preferred the elegant Lanthan as a producer of excellent dressage horses. But he also has proven to be an important sire of jumping horses. Because of these successes, Lanthan was for many years placed first in the overall breed values of the National Equestrian Federation (FN). Over his breeding career Lanthan has produced many successful performance horses as well as 15 licensed sons and 65 state's premium mares. His offspring are mostly beautiful horses with elastic movements and a great rideability. They are known for being typy, with good interior attributes and above average rideability. He has sired many conformation champions in Germany and his daughters and their descendants are noted broodmares. The high percentage of Thoroughbred blood in his pedigree makes him a valuable performance and refinement sire. In 1999 Lanthan was the stallion with the highest breeding value in his age-group. Though Lanthan passed away in 2002, his frozen semen is still available. 

Lombard Lugano II Der Lowe xx
Altwunder (H)
SPS Landsiegel Landeck
SPS Domrune (H)
Sturmdirndl Sudan xx Nizam xx
Sorgfalt xx
Asthutte Astflug
SPS Farnhutte (H)

1978 black 16.2-1/2-hand Hanoverian

Approved for: Hanoverian

Stallion Performance Test 1981

Overall score 127.92 / 4th of 33 

Best stallion of his age-group 1982 

Progeny results in competition

Breeding value dressage: 129 ++ 

Breeding value show jumping: 127 ++ 

Total prize money of offspring in competition: DM 732,248.00 

Number of registered sport horses: 588 

Breeding information progeny

Number of licensed sons: 14 

Sons at the Hanoverian State Stud at Celle: Legat 

Number of registered broodmares: 333 

Number of state premium mares and candidates: 64 

lanthan lanthan