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Lacan is a Lando son with lots of scope. Landgraf grandson, Lando, successfully competed up to advanced level. The hereditary qualities of Lacan are complemented on dam’s side by the Holstein topclass stallion Contender. Grannus and Gotthard further down in the pedigree are trademark stallions of the Hanoverian breed. Shogun xx and Steinpilz xx, two important Thoroughbred stallions of the Celle National State Stud, provide the necessary blood influence, also with regards to the gorgeous type of his progeny. Besides his fantastic 30-day performance test, Lancan also successfully competed at international events, for example at the World Show Jumping Championships in Lanaken and, at the age of five and six, at the Federal Championships
Lando Lancier Landgraf I
Silvia Raimondo
SPS Gia Conda Contender Calypso II
SP/El Gina Grannus
2003 bay 16.2-1/2-hand Oldenburg
Approved for: Hanoverian Jumping Program
Stallion Performance Test, 2007, 30-day & qualification via 5 and 6 yrs jumping horse, Bundeschampionat
Overall score:
Dressage score: 111.05 / 13th