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Koriander (Archived)


Koriander's sire Contender is with more than forty licensed sons in Holstein, Hanover, Westphalia and Oldenburg one of the most influential progenitors of german showjumping horse breeding. Koriander was bred in Holstein by the famous breeder Uwe Bahlmann. From the same dam’s line as Koriander his father Paul Bahlmann bred the legendary progenitor Ramiro Z in 1965 with wich Fritz Ligges was internationally successful in jumping. Koriander is a product of the famous mare Ira II ( Moltke I ) . Besides Koriander this Holstein mare from lineage 776 produced the international showjumping horse Tatjana ( Lorenz ) under Luciana Diniz and the licensed stallions Lysander ( Landgraf I ) and Lausitz J ( Lorenz ). Ira II is also on record as grandma to the stallion lord Incipt ( lord x Ronald ) who jumped successfully himself at international level under Hauke Luther. Korinder’s dam’s line goes back vis the stallions Marlon xx, Logenschlieber, Fanal and Elegant to the famous Wahnfried daughter Olga. Koriander has fully lived up to the high expectations established during his performance test. He was later very successful in national sport under Jenny Zoer. And in breeding Koriander is just as succesful. His first seasons produced an unusual percentage of offspring who are successful in sport such as the fantastic jumper O’Lady.

Contender Calypso II Cor de la Bryere
Gofine Ramiro

Ira II

Moltke I Maximus
Dorett Marlon xx

1992 brown 16.1-1/2-hand KWPN 

Approved for: KWPN

Stallion Performance Test

Walk: 6.5
Trot: 7.5
Canter: 8
Riding Test: 7
Jumping with Rider: 8
Free Jumping: 8
Character: 9
Behavior: 8
Training Report: 9

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