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Ironman H (Archived)


Ironman N is a noble, well-proportioned and elegant stallion with a small expressive head. He has a tactical step and an impressive, high-stepping trot. For his gallop he got a high score of 9.0 where he showed off his rhythmic movement and active hind legs. Ironman H has a well-defined hindend and is strong, focused, active and cooperative. He makes very nice transitions while retaining balance.

Ironman H won his stallion performance test in dressage with a high score of 9.5 in 2016.  Test riders have praised him for his amazing riding skills and qualities. He is well balanced in build, comfortable to sit on and easy to gather, as well as, uphill and equilateral.  He is known to riders as easy to regulate in both forward and backward movement. 

With rider Yvonne Österholm, he won both qualifications and finals in Falsterbo's four-year-old class in 2017 with very good reviews and scores.  Ironman H got superlative for his gaits and riding ability at Falsterbo's in the Spring of 2018 and highly impressed in his first three starts. He also participated in the UVM in dressage in Ermelo and went straight to the final after a very nice presentation.  In the final he was placed 13th after a ride where his riding ability and good temperament shone. 

His sire Bordeaux comes from one of the world's most successful bloodlines-- the same line as the Olympic Champions Ahlerich and Rembrandt, Olympic silver medalist Amon, and the approved stallion Rubinstein. Bordeaux's son United United scored historically high at the Sallion Performance test for dressage in Ermelo with 9.5 points for trot, gallop and capacity .

Bordeaux's grandsire Gribaldi is third in the list of the world's most successful breeding stallions for dressage. He was successful with Edward Gal at the Grand Prix level. Gribaldi has left Grand Prix horses like Girasol, Sisther de Jeu, Peter Pan, Painted Black, Totilas and many more. Dressage legend Donnerhall is found in the third part of the pedigree as well. Bordeaux became KWPN Champion Stallion in 2009, and also had outstanding results in the Pavo Cup Final in 2010.  He won the Youth Horse World Cup in 2012 and won up to St Georges internationally in 2014, and in 2016 he competed at the Grand Prix for dressage with esteemed rider Eva Möller.

Stallion Details

16.2-1/2 hands
Approved For
Oldenburg, Swedish Warmblood, Hanoverian
WFFS Status: tested non-carrier (N/N)

Ironman H : PEDIGREE

Bordeaux United Krack C
Venna Gribaldi
Zartina Rousseau Ferro
Rastina Jazz

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