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Inspekteur is a stallion who posseses the best in bloodlines, movement and character, accented by a stunning exterior. He has proven himself at stud, in the manner of his sire, Darwin. Darwin, by Roemer, supplied a lot of dressage ability to Inspekteur, who also comes from a mother line strong in dressage ability. 

Inspekteur Performances: 
Inspekteur has won many championships and European medals under
Marlies van Baalen, where at the Young Riders the combination stood
always on top, twice with gold and once with silver. 
Levade champion Ermelo ZZ light keep out champion 1998

Zwolle ZZ light two times first place, scores 70-75%: Dutch champion June ears 1999 started internationally. 

Nijmegen: Dutch champion Young Riders Bremen: three time first place, winner euro Future cup 2000

European championships Young Riders Hickstad: team gold, individual bronze Zuidlaren: winner Prix St. George and kür on music keep out: winner 3 tests, indoor champion lifts tour 2001

European championships Young Riders Iserlohn (Ger.) team gold, individual 4e place. 

Darwin Roemer, keur, pref Pilatus
Zonnatattie, ster Pion
Inge Tetti, ster, pref, prest


keur, A89, pref, prest

Amor, pref, prest Herrscher
Ulrica, keur AA92 Officier
Gravin, ster

1990 bay 16.1-1/2-hand KWPN 

Approved for: Dutch

Stallion Performance Test

Walk: 8.5
Trot: 9
Canter: 8
Riding Test: 8.5
Jumping with Rider: 5
Free Jumping: 4.5
Character: 9
Behavior: 9
Training Report: 8

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