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Haitse 425 (Archived)

Haitse 425 is a sport type stallion with correct conformation and a supple and forward way of going. He is well balanced in the walk, trot and canter. He has a nice presence with powerful hind quarter action and very good knee action. He received 85.5 points for his work under saddle and 84.6 in harness at the Stallion Keuring. The judges pointed out the elastic movements that this stallion has which is very much needed in the Friesian breed. Haitse was Champion Stallion of 2008. He is strongly influenced by his mother-line through Elskje. This bloodline added to the Kania Pref bloodline is a strong foundation for successful future sporthorse progeny. Haitse foals have been well received at the selections and most belonged to the premium class. He sires well built foals with small, noble, and elegant heads, good use of their necks, good toplines, and well sloping quarters. Their front legs are of good length and the hind legs are exceptional. They possess strong movement with good length of stride, active walks and good self carriage at the trot. They have freedom of the shoulders and active hind quarters.

Jasper 366 Olof 315 Reitse Stb Pref
Wieneke Stb Ster + Pref
Antje ut de Mieden Franke
Elskje Stb Ster + Pref
Jeldau fan 'e Wigeri Stb Model Rypke 321 Feitse 293 Stb Pref
Elsbet ut de Mieden Stb Ster
Welmoed fan Wigeri Stb Model Lute 304
Froukje fan 'e Wigeri
2002 black 16.1-1/2-hand Friesian