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Ginus is a talented young jumper of the highest caliber. As a six year old in open competition he was winner of dozens of "S" competions at 150 meters. And came in second eight times and was 15 times in the top ten. As a seven year old and eight year old he was winner of the Youngsters Cup in Berlin. At the Grand Prix level Ginus has done exceptionally well. He won the following: ßt in Emloche, Drills and Lastrop; 2e in Ear House, 3e in Norten Hardening Mount, 4e in Pine Bosch, 7th in Hannover, 8th in Arnhem and Paris, 2e in masters Zurich. 
Ginus finished as 1st and 3e in the Championat of Bremen and 2e in Norten Hardening Mount. The mother line of Ginus has produced many top sports horses. Nini III was national champion and has two approved sons. Recent achievements of this line in sport include:
Klacini: Columbus x Nimmerdor x Nini IV jumping internationally under Gerfried Puck, winner of the top prize at Hertzmandorf. Gicini: Renville x Nimmerdor x Nini IV (= 3/4 sisters of Ginus), jumps under Gerfried Puck and has been placed internationally at 150 meters, and is the dam of Kor II. Kor II: Elmshorn x Gicini, winner of the grand prize of Vienna, seventh at Maastricht. Ludo W.: full brother of Kor II, sixth CSI Amsterdam 150 meters internationally and national. 
Le Cheval: Hugo x Finini (full zus of Ginus), finalist at four, five and six years old. Finini: nationally jumped 130 meters under Henk v.d. Pol. The Nini tribe are preeminent jumpers. Ginus carries on this sporting line and that of his sire, Renville, who in spite of limited opportunity, has created an impressive dynasty through his offfspring. 

Renville Courville xx pref Fair Trial xx
Plouvien xx
Lavanta keur, pref Farn pref
Zalanta B model pref

Charmante keur

Heidelberg pref Ladykiller xx
Nini III keur kroon pref Helmar keur
Cory keur pref

1988 bay --hand KWPN 

Approved for: KWPN

Stallion Performance Test

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