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Epke 474 Sport Elite AAA (Archived)


Epke 474 Sport is an impressive and very handsome stallion with correct conformation and a close-to-perfect forehand. He is nicely built up-hill with long forelegs and a beautiful sloping shoulder. His topline is well-developed, with a strikingly beautiful neck. His shapely head shows a lot of expression and at a young age he had a long and luxurious mane and tail.

Epke comes from an impressive damline from line 43. In combination with sire Beart 411, Epke has an interesting pedigree. His descendants all have what some call the "Epke Head" and they are stamped large and modern by their sire.

Epke showed exceptional talent as a dressage horse during his Performance Test. He was awarded a 9 for his outstanding walk: powerful, regular and with plenty of overtrack. His trot and canter are equally scopey and powerful. Despite his size, Epke shows remarkable balance and elasticity in movement. His inspection report offers the following breeding advice: "Epke may be used to enhance size, type and conformation as well as improve the movement of his offspring." Epke 474 is a model AAA stallion for scoring 82 points or higher during his Central Examination. 

He is currently competing in dressage with rider Sabine v.d. Loenhorst and the duo has competed at the high level with expectations to start in the Prix St. Georges. 

Stallion Details

16.3-1/2 hands
Approved For

Epke 474 Sport Elite AAA : PEDIGREE

Beart 411 Stb. Sport Jasper 366 Stb Sport Pref Olof 315 Stb
Antje ut de Mieden Ster Prestm
Setske F. Star Pref Feitse 293 Stb. Pref
Kingke Model Pref
Klaske Evaa D Star Anton 343 Sport Oege 267 Pref
Iduna Ster Pref
Evaa Star Reitse 272
Saapke Star

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