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Economics of Breeding with Frozen Semen


The future is frozen! Why? Because with frozen semen:

  • No more missed collections, lost shipments, missed deliveries or missed heat cycles
  • Ship all your doses for the entire season in one cost-effective shipment
  • Save on transportation and board costs by keeping your mare close to home
  • Decreased risk to young foals transporting long distances
  • Save on board by keeping your mare and foal at home between cycles
  • Use your own familiar and trusted veterinarian
  • Unused semen stores for years and is always available
  • Breed to European stallions not available in North America
  • Register all foals resultant from your semen
  • Conception rates with frozen semen comparable to all other breeding methods
  • Stored frozen semen guarantees you can breed to stallions who die or become infertile
  • Frozen semen can be purchased as an investment--top stallion's semen often increases substantially in value after his or his offspring's performance, or after his death
  • Better value for your breeding dollar--stud fees for domestic stallions (quite often sons of "frozen sires") are often more expensive


A live foal guarantee doesn’t actually guarantee a live foal. No one can guarantee that a mare will carry a conception to term and deliver a live foal. A live foal guarantees only that a breeder can pay more booking or chute fees, more semen shipping and container fees, more veterinary expenses, transportation, board and other related costs, until, hopefully, a live foal results. That live-foal guarantee can end up costing a lot! Compare the actual cost-per-foal when using frozen semen against any other breeding method, and you will often find that breeding with frozen semen is the least expensive of all breeding methods.


Perform this simple exercise:

Select the top five or so USA-based stallions that you would like to breed to. Average the performance test scores and those of their offspring. Compare the level of competition and the money won of the both the stallions and their get. Then, compare the same statistics for stallions you would like to breed to from the Supreior Equine Sires stallion roster. You do the math--don't pay more for less.