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Dobel's Cento (Archived)

dobel's cento

Dobel's Cento earned millions in his international sporting career. He left his career in top shape after a long and hard career as team Olympic gold medalist and European champion. He won over a million euros under Otto Becker, making his top pedigree even more outstanding by his accomplishments. His sire, Capitoal I, is recognized as on the Holstein's best performance producers and continues to lie on in many top pedigrees. His damsire, Caletto II, prduced Classic Touch, Olympic gold medalist in Barcelona, and his great grandmother, Legende, won the Grand Prix in Rome when she was just seven years old. Cento's progeny are equally successful in sport and breeding; his progeny have already won over 600,000 euros. Many of them are owned by international riders, like Otto Becker. Over 30 are successful at 1.50 level. He has produced over 14 approved sons, among them is Centus, who was captivating at the Oldenburg approvals with his impressive jumping technique and is now an elite stallion in France. Cento's offspring are highly sought after all over Europe and are often highest priced at auctions. Cento's semen is now being processed by a different method than previously, and is of good quality.

Capitol I Capitano Corporal
Folia Maximus
Lady Legende
Viola XI Caletto II Cor de la Bryere
Lady Legende Liguster

1989 gray 16.3-1/4-hand Holsteiner

Approved for: All breeding associations

Stallion Performance Test

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Dressage score 

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dobel's cento