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Conterno Grande (Archived)

conterno grande

Vice - National Champion six year old showjumper, Conterno Grande is a son of Contender, Vice Champion of Oldenburger "Hengsttage" in 1997. He combines appearance and ability with required qualities for jumping. He is, in fact, a typical son of his father Contender, who has been recognized for years in Germany for his capacity to transmit his qualities to his offspring. His dam Grannuschka is the full sister to Gio Granno. She has transmitted her excellent athletic qualities to her offspring, with horses that have all played a role in the international and national sport, such as Grannus, Ramino and Volturno, appearing in the pedigree, one sees that the ability of future generations is assured. Conterno Grande undertook the performance at Adelheidsdorf in 1999, where he  received good note for his qualities in jumping. These abilities were confirmed by victories in series of tests of classic jump "A," "L" and "M," during the stallion jumping contests at Aix.  Here he was  second to Jos Lansing, on Eschwege. At  the Audi Cup contest for Young Horses, and at the Euroclassic in Bremen in 2001 he was victor in final "M." In 2000 he qualified with Joachim Heyer for the National Championship of German Jumping Horses where he was  ranked fifth. These results brought excellent reviews in the international professional press. In 2001 he achieved dream scores of 9.3 in two perfect starts and was beaten into second place at Warendorf by a few one- hundreths of a second.

Contender Calypso II Cor de la Bryere
Gofine Ramiro
*/El Grannuscka Grannus Graphit
SPS Odessa
*/El Rumina Ramino
*/El Voila

1995 dark bay 16.2-1/2-hand Oldenburg

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Stallion Performance Test

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