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capo cassione

Capo Cassione has incredible scope at the jump. He proved his abilities at his 30-days performance test in spring 2005 in Prussendorf with a first-class show jumping assessment. In his first show season, Capo Cassione won and was placed at show jumping ability competitions under Ralf Bochinski. In 2007, they will start to compete at show jumping ability competitions of elementary and medium level. His dam, Jacara, is the dam of the young showjumping horse Altani (by Aloubé Z) who is successfully competing at showjumping ability competitions. His granddam Bacau I is the dam of the advanced level Cheecker B by Corrado I. Great-granddam Uta V, a daughter of the valuable all-round stallion Calypso I, gave birth to the top-class stallion Landos. In the short period of his breeding activities, he produced a huge quantity of performance horses, among them the successful Lordanos of the Sosath stable. There is magic involved when talking about the Holstein dam line 776: This exceptional, first-class foundation line seems to be the crown treasure of the Holstein breed. No other Holstein line has a similar importance and no other line is represented in so many different areas. It has its origin on the farm of the Bahlmann-family (Herzhorn), and the following popular stallions descend from this line: Acorado I and II, Calvados I and II, Captain Incipit, Lord Incipit (Thieß Luther), Contifax I and II, Cortino I and II, Highvalley (Jos Lansink), Larioni, Lauritz J, Lordanos, Louis J, Love and Jump, Lucky Mind, Marius (Dr. Josef Neckermann), My Lord (Nadine Capellmann), Ramirado, the popular stallion Ramiro (Fritz Ligges), Rocco, Rouletto and Sirius Son. Various winners of their stallions licensing and stallion performance tests as well as international sport stallions and internationally successful show jumping horses count among the successful offspring as well, like for example Tatjana 56/Jörg Münzner or Leandra 17/Otto Becker, just to mention the most important ones. Capo Cassione’s first foals were convincing and noble, long-legged foals. Many of his offspring were awarded.

Cassini I Capitol I Capitano
Wisma Caletto II
Jacara Lavall II Landgraf I
Bacau I Raimondo
Uta V

2002 gray 16.3-1/2 hand Holsteiner

Approved for: Oldenburg, Rhineland, Westphalia Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and all southern German associations

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 

capo cassione capo cassione
capo cassione