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Bente 412 (Archived)

Bente 412

Bente is a bold and powerful Friesian stallion, full of charm and charisma. He has been proven as an outstanding addition to worldwide Friesian breeding programs. During the selection test Bente showed enormous energy and power in harness as well as under saddle. He performs at high level in both dressage and as a driving horse, being a representative of the Stam 74 line, a world-wide known and respected line known especially through the legendary stallion Gerke 220. Bente resembles Gerke very much according to many breeding authorities. Also, In the dam line he has a great deal of Age blood via the stallion Ewound 250. Because of his good type, talent, terrific conformation and energetic character there are high expectations for his breeding of excellent outdoor or sport performance horses. He performs at this stage in M 1 in Dressage and M Driving. Quotation from the 2004 Foal Report: “The foals are characterised by a long stride and show a powerful walk and trot...”. The connections in the top line are sufficient and strong. The foals distinguish themselves by their long legs which are of good quality. 

Heinse 354 Leffert Tamme
Bontsje S
Ljutske S Dimer
Lobke Nammen Djurre
Ewalien Jochem

2000 Black 16.0 1/2 hand Friesian

Approved for: FSHR (Friesian Sporthorse Registry)

Stallion Scores

Trot: 7.2

Gallop: 7.0

Riding Test: 7.0

Driving Test: 7.1

Pulling Test: 6.3

Show Driving: 7.1

Willingness: 6.8

Total: 75.7

Bente 412 Bente 412
Bente 412