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Beart 411 (Archived)


Beart 411 originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands--by top progenitor Jasper, out of damline with seven preferent breeding mares in line. Four of them are also model. Beart elegance and modern type. He received a 1A premium at the stallion competition in 2005 and also a 3rd place in the championship. Results at the performance test: walk 7.1, trot 8 harness test 8 and show test 8.3. Beart's sire, Jasper ,a former champion of the stallion competition, is a remarkable as well as a riding horse and in harness, but is the top progenitor of the Friesian stallions Phryso and Januari 04. Setske F (ster, pref), Beart's dam (16.1-3/4-hands), produced a total of eight offspring, who all achieved the "ster" predicate and preferent. Setske F performed very well herself. She is M2 dressage and was three times reserve champion of the category of best riding horse at the central show. She is the daughter of Feitse (pref). The mother of Setske is the model mare Kingke, dam of the modern and strong progenitor, Barteld 292, and some of the best ster mares. Granddam Namke is also model and produced eight ster offspring. Five of her daughters are pref on progeny. She was far ahead of her time with her modern quality and size of 15.3-hands. Namke , the great grandam of Setske, was in 1957 Champion on the Central Mare test, and an imposing breeding mare of Stam 50. Every year Beart delivers a high percentage first premium foals, in 2006 he also fathered many breeding day champions. In 2007 his first son was admitted for C.O. In 2005 Beart sired Nienke van de Gonda (Beart x Anne)--first year Breeding Day champion, Ambt-Delden. In 2006 Beart sired Kootwijk, the champion filly foal and the champion stallion foal, and also the champion stallion foal in Ambt-Delden, Moed van Boreel (Beart x Pike) youth champion, and also the reserve-breeding day champion in Vries and a leading place in de category mares of two years old on the CK--Nitha fan e Tuorebout (Beart x Teunis) breeding daychampion Wormerveer.

Jasper 366 Olof 315 Reiste, pref
Wieneke, ster, pref
Antje ut de Mieden, ster Franke
Elskje, ster, pref
Setske F, ster, pref Feitse 293, pref Jochem
Lysebet, ster, pref
Kingke, model, pref Dagho
Namke, model, pref

---- black 16.2-hand Friesian

Approved for: 

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score